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"TXCS-SERIES"  Digger Derrick Auger

    Rock auger

Dia. in (mm)


Texoma TXCS-Series digger derrick rock augers are manufactured with 1" thick lower flight section, hardfaced, combined with  3/8" thick flighting as standard.  The auger stem is 3 3/4" O.D. C-1026 heavy wall tubing. Hex hubs are constructed of  ASTM-148 cast steel. Standard components are C-387LR Kennemetal teeth and bullet pilot bit. (See 2 3/8"pilot bits and pilot subs)


Texoma "TXCS-Series" digger derrick augers are manufactured to maximize the drilling performance in digger derricks for limestone, lava rock, medium sand stone and frozen materials.                   Recommended rotation speed 20 to 25 RPM.

Note: Please specify hex hub size when ordering


CIA Machinery, Inc.
Toll Free 877-527-6406
Fax 972-224-8204

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