“Excellence in parts, units, service, and technical assistance!”

We sell, service and repair Funk Transmissions, ITL transmissions/JCB Drivetrains, John Deere Axles, Terex (formerly Texoma/Reedrill) Rigs & Tools, Ramsey Winches. We are extremely involved in supporting and servicing the products we sell. We have a knowledgeable staff that supplies unmatched customer service to an ongoing client presence in France, the U.K., Canada, Peru, Mexico, the United States, and many more countries worldwide.

When they said…  “We can get it.”,   We said… “We have it now.”

With our large inventory, we can complete almost any order as soon as it is placed. Speed and efficiency are of very large importance to us. Parts and equipment from large brand names like John Deere, Funk, Terex (formerly Texoma) are readily available to clients. We are capable of handling all orders with speed, accuracy, and efficiency; which is beneficial to customers on many levels.

Credit Application

To apply for credit with CIA Machinery, Please download, fill in and print to mail or fax both our Adobe PDF Terms Letter and  Adobe PDF Credit Application Form.

Note: Both Terms Letter and Credit Application Form must be completed and returned to CIA Machinery, Inc.

Credit Terms Letter

Credit Application

Various used parts and equipment for sale.