Company Overview

CIA Machinery is a company that provides equipment and machinery to an ever-growing number of construction and equipment manufacturing companies around the world.  A company that is built on a foundation of moral and ethical business practices, CIA takes an active roll in donating to charity, and strives to better both the local and global community.

Products and Equipment

Construction, railway maintenance, and oil exploration equipment make up the bulk of CIA’s product orders. Items like machine axles, powershift transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, and pump drives are currently some of the most requested items that we sell. Many companies choose us as one of the most reliable suppliers and service centers in the industry for these models and other equipment. Parts and equipment from big brand names like John Deere, Funk, Terex (formerly Texoma) are available to clients. We handle orders with speed, accuracy, and efficiency; which is beneficial to customers on many levels.

Foundation and Values

CIA Machinery was founded in 1969. Two men, Raymond Delle, a CPA; and Paul Durst, a field mechanic began selling Texoma foundation drilling products from inventory stored in the back of Paul’s truck. One of the main goals of both Ray and Paul was to have high moral and ethical values in their company. The company’s founders took great pains to care for the needs of both customers and employees; this has lead to extremely low turn over rates in employees, and a strong client base that has branched out to the furthest reaches of the globe. Many of the employees that make up the current staff have worked for the company for decades; which gives them a strong knowledge of inventory and customer preferences.

Competitive Advantages

Due to our highly trained and tenured staff, orders are carried out swiftly and accurately. The company has remained highly competitive in the industry through the efficient manner in which the company is run. This business model offers highly competitive prices and faster turn-around times to clients. One of the largest advantages that we have over competitors is the large selection of inventory always kept in stock. Parts and equipment are shipped at extremely high speeds to customers. This allows CIA customers to operate at their maximum potential; customers are not held back from their business by missing equipment.

CIA Machinery Overview

We sell, service and repair Funk Transmissions, ITL transmissions/JCB Drivetrains, John Deere Transmissions, Terex/Texoma Rigs & Tools and Ramsey Winches.

Posted by Cia Machinery Inc. on Wednesday, August 3, 2016