We keep a large inventory of auger drill parts, transmission parts, drilling teeth, pockets, auger boxes and pilot bits on hand. We specialize in wear parts such as gear-sets, liners, valve levers, filters, rollers, bushings, pins, bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, cylinder rods, packings, cables, sheaves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic fittings , hydraulic tubing, winch parts, speed reducer parts, spline adapters, ring-gear carriers both new and rebuilt exchange, cylinder repair kits as well as control valve repair kits. We also have some used and hard to find items. We all know that replacement parts are necessary for any piece of equipment and the auger drill is no exception. Proper maintenance will keep these machines running for decades. We pride ourselves on having an extensive knowledge of these machines and the items necessary to complete any repair. We can suggest additional parts to complete the job correctly and can ship same day so downtime will be kept to a minimum. We also provide technical assistance, at no cost, anytime you need it from a well versed staff. Our fifty years of experience selling and servicing these machines is a plus. You won’t find a better parts and service dealer than CIA Machinery, Inc.

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