Using the right tool can make a big difference in your productivity and profits.

Compact and powerful Terex auger drills offer a wide range of drill speeds and the highest drill torque per class – all with quick setup time to get your crew to work fast and remain productive throughout the day. These versatile options can be mounted on a truck chassis or crawler undercarriage. All models of Terex pressure drills can be fitted with different types of augers for drilling in different types of terrain. See our auger page for auger options.

The 12 foot digging depth 330 is a great machine for a wide range of smaller jobs such as guardrail, telephone poles and retaining walls. The 330 also comes in a 20 foot digging depth which is perfect for jobs such as residential foundation pier holes and small commercial foundation pier holes.

The 650 is the newest pressure drill to the Terex family. This machine has telescoping kelly bars which allows for deeper drilling without the extreme length mast. Capable of drilling 43 feet deep, it can handle a wide range of drilling jobs such as bridge pylon pier holes, residential foundation pier holes and commercial foundation pier holes.

The biggest Terex pressure auger drill offered by Terex is the 800. It is the ideal machine for deep holes and harder terrain. With the capability of drilling up to 95 feet, it can handle just about any drilling job imaginable.